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Cattle Feeders

Cattle & Hog Feeders

Cattle Feeders are constructed with a designed engineered system of tied rebar, incased in high quality concrete, providing years of cattle feeding convenience. We make fence line, j-bunk and bunk line feeders.

Hog & Cattle Gang Slats

Cattle & Hog Gang Slats

Slats feature a designed engineered system of two levels of steel rebar, incased in high strength concrete. These slats offer a surface that increases animal stability and optimum drainage.

Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks

Available in a variety of sizes. All septic tanks include a plastic riser 24" diameter and 12" tall and lid positioned over the outlet. An Effluent Filter EF-6 manufactured by Tuf-tite is included for the outlet.

Parking Bumpers

Parking / Barriers

Available in a variety of sizes. Barriers are constructed with high strength concrete and rebar. Parking bumpers available with both straight and tapered ends. Bumpers are predrilled for rebar anchoring.


Concrete Lintels

Available in many sizes. Precast concrete beams, reinforced with rebar depending on length and weight they have to support. Lintels are used as headers over block or stone construction building windows, doors and openings.

Concrete Steps

Concrete Steps

All precast steps are rebar reinforced and they are designed for residential and commercial structures. All steps can be delivered on our boom truck and set in place, as long as the area for placement is ready and accessible.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete Slabs

Constructed with high-strength reinforced with wire. Available in a wide variety of sizes. Custom made slabs are available by request. All are cast with wire for reinforcement.

About Us

A&T Concrete Supply, Inc. has been in continuous operation since 1963. A&T prides it’s self with producing the finest quality concrete and precast concrete products. We are certified in the State of Indiana and Kentucky as a concrete and pre-cast concrete producer.

A&T is a member of the National Pre-Cast Concrete Association. We take great pride in supporting local businesses & communities.

81 E. State Rd. 168 - Ft. Branch, IN 47648 - tel> 812.753.4252 - fax> 812.753.3410 - email> sales@at-concrete.com